My name is Shernette (occasionally my family calls me Nette) and I am the creator of this blog. I’m living in my mid-twenties and am a mother of two beautiful human beings, a young boy with a little sister, and I’ll admit that it gets crazy in our house sometimes!

So what is Nette’s Scrapbook?

Originally this blog was created to document my journey transitioning into natural hair. Since I always had a passion for writing and I knew I wanted something more than to be a generic “beauty/product” blogger. With the title of my site having “scrapbook” in it, I realized this blog could be so much more than just a typical beauty blog. So now I’m extending beyond those boundaries to something more personal by also adding bits of my life including daily encounters, motherhood, and travels.

You’ll occasionally see me write about food and fashion, but ideally, I’ll stick with that I know best!


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x Shernette


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