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How To Properly Care For Damaged Curls

So you’re finally ready to recover those damaged curls?

I’ve been on this curly hair journey of mine for almost four years now and throughout all of this time I’ve chopped, cared, and damaged my hair all over again. There were moments where I stayed committed and my hair was at the best I’ve ever seen. So I know a thing or two about how to properly care for damaged curls. I’ll be sharing with you some tips I’ve used and learned throughout the years that helped me recover my hair and what I’ll be doing to fully revive my curls!



7 Tips For Reviving Damaged Curls!

Cut the heat!

This one seems pretty basic but let’s be real, how many of us keep reaching for those hot styling tools when we get bored, lazy, or want to switch up our looks? I can definitely say this is where I lacked in my hair journey, every time I straighten it I damaged curls in some areas. So take this from my experience your hair will not recover unless you give it a break from the heat. If you do use a dryer to diffuse your curls, opt out for air drying or cooler setting.

Deep Condition

You’ve heard it a million times, right? Well, it’s as true as it gets. Deep conditioning helps penetrate your hair from the outside in allowing it to get some major nutrients. There are so many different kinds of deep conditioners you can use from store bought to DIYs at home! Make sure you do some research and understand your hairs porosity and sensitivities.

Protective Styling

Protective styling is so beneficial when it comes to giving your hair a well-needed break from styling. I love adding oils and nourishing products to my hair before putting it into a protective style as it acts like a mini treatment. Over styling can cause it to stunt its growth or promote more shedding, so take your time to feel what your hair needs.

Stay Hydrated 

It’s not only important to keep your curls well hydrated from the outside but it’s also super important to make sure your body is properly hydrated from within. Drinking enough water can help with dry scalp which leads to the hair follicle becoming brittle and flakey. So go on and drink those 8 glasses!

Find a Good Leave-In Conditioner

Having a leave-in that works well with your hair can make a world of a difference. Using a leave-in conditioner after washing your hair adds tons of moisture to your locks, for better results seal with an oil to prevent losing any of the moisture throughout the days between styling.

Trim Your Dead Ends

This one is optional, some people aren’t ready to cut their hair and that’s okay we are all moving at our own pace. Getting rid of split ends help bring back bouncy curls. If you’re brave enough, you can maintain the split ends from home until you’re ready for that cut!.


No one said this was going to be a quick or easy process. Trust the journey and keep trying out different methods until you find out what works best for your hair. With a little practice and patience, you’ll definitely appreciate the process more when you get results.


What are some of your tricks for recovering from damaged curls?



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