10 Essential Oils You Should Have In Your Home

What’s Up With Essential Oils Anyway?

Way before the craze of social media health hacks, alternative holistic health practitioners essential oils for Aromatherapy. If you’re unfamiliar with aromatherapy, it is the use of extracted essential oils to help improve psychological and physical well being. Essential oils are the highly concentrated version of natural oils found in plants, so now that you’re all caught up on the basics, here are 10 Essential Oils you must have at home.


I figured we should start with the most known oil and its best known for its powerhouse properties. It’s real name Lavandula angustifolia, is known to be relaxing, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antibacterial, anesthetic, immune-boosting, antiviral, and reduces anxiety.

These babies can be grown in your yard or garden, they smell amazing and look even more beautiful when they are bloomed. Safe for use with children when diluted correctly or added to carrier oil.


One of my all-time favourite oils is this one, in particular, as a deeply earthy scented oil had great healing and spiritual effects. Great for supporting healthy cellular function, increases circulation, reduces inflammation, promotes feelings of wellness, and can help improve memory.

Can you see why this is an all time fav? I mostly use it for its enlightening properties to help boost my mood. It has 147 MHz which is proven to have amazing effects on the mind, body, and soul.

Sweet Orange

This citrusy smelling oil is a huge favourite among many oil users. Its wonderful for alleviating depression/anxiety/anger, increasing your libido, relaxes muscles, relieves inflammation and acts as a disinfectant.

In my home its mostly used to improve mood and disinfect the air while acting as a great air freshener. It’s perfect for cleaning days!

Tea Tree

Popularly used in the beauty industry, this essential oil has great healing characteristics that help improve your health. A few of its known benefits are; effective against viral infections, boosts the immune system, stimulates blood circulations & hormone secretion, reduces dandruff, helps with hair loss, and gives relief from a cough, cold and congestions.

This is actually a little bottle full of remedies that can be used to help so many things. I personally use it in the diffuser to cleanse and disinfect the air, or I just add a few drops to my cleaning solution.

Lemon Grass

I can’t help but linger towards multi-powerful oils and Lemon Grass is another one of those powerful ones. It’s especially great for benefiting your body & organs, helps cure bacterial/microbial infections, strengthens and stimulated the nervous system, anti-depressant, helps clean kidneys, and helps relieve joint & muscle pain.

Another one I mainly use in the diffuser, normally mixed with other oils, for a calming and stimulating effect on the body.


One that I love to use when we aren’t feeling well. Its potent antibacterial properties help regulates blood sugar, is an anti-inflammatory, antiviral, pain & fever reducer, repels insects, and boosts brain function.

Its strong smell is best kept to a minimum with diluted water, added carrier oil, and another one of your favourite essential oils for best results when used.


The smell of this one alone makes me feel great. Some commonly known uses for this oil are boosting the immune system, help with hair growth, tones skin/prevents acne, and relieves stress & depression.

Not to mention is a total beauty staple! Mist a diluted version of this onto your face as part of your skincare routine and watch your skin fall in love!


This flower is not only amazing for its beauty, but for its health benefits as well. Its magical properties include fighting against insomnia, treats eczema & dermatitis, cough/congestant relief, prevents septic wounds, and eliminates scar marks.


Health benefits of bergamot essential oils include reducing overall pain, reduces the appearance of scars, cures kidney & UTI’s, eradicated body odour, reduces stress, and improves circulation.


One of the final ones I’ve been interested in, that not many newbies know, that I think everyone starting out with oils should know is Vetiver. Helping to improve the good health of nerves, provides relief from insomnia, enhances libido, promotes the growth of new cell tissues, and speeds up healing of surface scars.


These are all great starters for anyone who is looking into, or already venturing into the world of essential oils. Great for bath add-ons or just a simple diffuse, what are your favourite essential oils?


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