First Impressions; Lavender Floral Mist

First Impressions;

Art Naturals Lavender Hydrosol Floral Mist

People always ask me what my skin care regimen is and I’ll admit that it’s pretty nonexistent. Once in a while, I find a new product that I like to incorporate into my busy day and recently I’ve had the opportunity to give my first impressions on their floral mist by Art Naturals.


When I first got this was “this is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for”. As a mom of two, I really try my best to opt out for more natural based products. The best part about this is that it can be used for your face, hair, and home!

Currently, I have no particular skincare method but I do like to keep my face moisturized and hydrated and this Floral Water does a really great job with a quick and easy refresher during the day.

When I first used it I immediately felt how cool and refreshing it was, It did give me a little hydration boost and did not leave my face oily. The smell of Lavender was light and calming which was relieving in the midst of my chaotic day. Definitely gonna be adding this to my “skincare routine”.

Next, I tried refreshing my curls by misting my ends and roots. It did a pretty good job at adding a bit more moisture and helped my hair smell lovely but I’m going to have to keep using this one for a while to see how well it works long term.

Finally, I sprayed the rooms of my home with it. I really do love the scent but I find that as an air cleaner, this isn’t going to do the greatest job. Unless you are going to spray an entire bottle throughout the house, it may not give you what you’re looking for. When sprayed on fabric or clothing it was amazing and I’m definitely going to be using this in the bedrooms!


I give this a thumbs up especially for your beauty routine and as a gift to all my readers I have a special discount code that lets you save 20% on your entire purchase from Art Naturals

Use code: HISHERN20 at checkout to save 20%


Happy Living!


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