Green Cleaning Tips + Best Natural Ingredients

Why I Switched to Green Cleaning


I was raised to be a “brand fan” when it came to household cleaning products and as busy as life can be, it was so easy to fall into that category. Once I became a mother I wanted a better healthier lifestyle for me and my children, cleaning chemical free was especially important when they were babies. From then, I went back to the basics and researched DIY green cleaning recipes.

Ever since then I’ve basically replaced most commercial cleaners in my home with basic everyday natural ingredients. Which not only feels better but helped me save a TON of money in the long run!






Benefits Of Natural Alternatives


Better Air Quality

Leave the chemical fumes behind and opt out for some essential oils or vinegar to help deodorize and refresh the air. Even boiling some spices or citrus fruit peels can help.

Saves Money In The Long Run

Look at it this way, you can buy a jug of vinegar for less than two dollars and incorporate a fraction in your own DIY cleaning mix. Saves you tons of bucks from having to constantly buy new products when you run out, this way you just refill with your own recipe.

Better For The Environment

Whenever we clean with or dispose of our toxic products we leave our earth in a fatal state. All those hazardous chemicals release into the air and weaken our ecosystem. Play it safe and think about mother natures roll in our children’s future, go green.

Safer For Babies & Children

Since birth, our little ones can’t help but want to touch everything! With that being said, us parents like to keep everything as germ-free as possible. Almost everything they touch ends up in their mouths or eyes, including what we use to clean our homes. Cleaning more naturally will lessen your child’s exposure to toxic chemicals that have been proven to lead to developmental issues from long-term exposure.

You Can Control Your Ingredients

This is where you get the most control and freedom over what ingredients are being placed in your home. If you don’t like one, swap it out for another! You’ll be able to really craft up something that works best for you and your family.


Natural Ingredients for Green Cleaning


White Vinegar: disinfectant, stain remover.

A powerful cleaner that is perfect for deodorizing and disinfecting majority of surfaces. Great for cleaning tough scum, or daily household items (phone, controller, doorknobs).

Castile Soap: Powerful Natural Sudder.

This is a great one as it’s made from natural based ingredients and is tough enough to use for deep cleaning (when added to a DIY recipe or water) but gentle enough to be used on your skin and everyday sentences.

Baking Soda: whitening, scrubbing, deodorizing.

Adding water to the baking soda can create a paste-like texture that is great for cleaning dirty surfaces such as the oven, sink, or bathroom.

Salt: scrubbing.

A simpler replacement for baking soda to help scrub stubborn spots. The best salt to use is Kosher as the grains are much coarser.

Lemons: stain remover, deodorizer.

Best used as a deodorizer when boiled, or added to a mixture. Lemons are also great to use when scrubbing with baking soda and vinegar, taking out tough scum.

Hydrogen Peroxide: stain remover, disinfecting.

Works well when mixed into a paste with baking soda, leave on the spot for a couple of minutes then wipe or gently scrub away. This is also great for removing a blood nose stain from clothing!

Essential Oils: natural air freshener, deordorizer.

Although these are a great natural alternative, please use with caution as these are very strong and can possibly be harmful if used incorrectly. Adding a few drops to your DIY cleaners can give it a boost and add extra antibacterial agents. If you have a nebula or diffuser add a few of your favourite scents to it and let it mist into the air for cleaner air quality.


What are some of your green cleaning friendly products or recipes you love?

Share and comment below.




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  • Emily Gottberg

    I am a big fan of clean living! I switched over a couple years ago and I’ll never go back! It’s funny, but now I can’t stand the smell of the “brand” cleaners! Who knew that vinegar could be a multipurpose cleaner? So cool. I’ve been using my own mix of things and also the company, Better Life has a great multipurpose spray (no chemicals!) we love it!

    I would love to use more essential oils too. Right now I’ve only tried lemon, but I’m going to look into the other blends for cleaner living!

  • Jennifer

    This is really helpful. I use white vinegar and baking soda to clean my sinks. I’m going to try your other ideas, too for cleaning more rooms in my home.

  • Muna

    I’m still learning how to use each of these ingredients effectively. Great explanation of what each does. So far I’m familiar with Baking soda & vinegar which has given me great results!

  • Erica

    Thank you so much for the tips. I always worry about using certain cleaners with chemicals…using these alternatives will put my mind at ease. Thanks for the post!

  • Brooke

    I love this article! I just discovered lemons for cleaning the inside of my microwave. I agree that becoming a mom has made me look at products differently. We love using vinegar if we can and love that all the natural ingredients take care of our environment too! Great post!

    • nettescrapbook

      Brooke I’m so glad you found this useful! It’s nice to hear that you take that into consideration at home and use more natural ingredients after family life.

  • LaToya

    I love to use baking soda to clean but I never thought to use lemons before! Definitely will be trying it soon. Thanks for the tips!

    • nettescrapbook

      Glad you liked them, I thought it was very relative to your recent post as well 🙂 great minds think alike!

  • Mom in the Six

    I’ve been using “natural” cleaners from the store, but would love to move to even simpler ingredients. Which of the above would you recommend for cleaning a high chair after meals?

    • nettescrapbook

      I would definitely recommend diluting vinegar with water in a spray bottle and add a couple of drops of tea tree oil ( or if you have a good dish soap you like to use). Spray then wipe away!
      An even simpler method is just diluted vinegar or just plain old vinegar. It dries odourless.

    • nettescrapbook

      I’m so glad that you asked for an expanded version as I am working on a few more posts related to natural cleaning such as more ingredients and of course recipes! If you’re not already subscribed, please join and the blog will come straight to your inbox 🙂 happy spring!

  • Stephanie

    We use a couple tablespoons of vinegar in our dishwasher whenever we run it to cut down on soap scum, and when I was in college, the cleaning staff always used vinegar to clean our bathroom. Smelled awful afterwards, but it was cheap and did the job! 😉 I imagine adding lemon or something like that could help with the smell!

  • Tiffany

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