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Our Favourite Kids Curly Hair Products

When I was younger it was a struggle to manage my curls. My parents would always complain that they could never find the right curly hair products for it. Fast forward to today, we are overwhelmed with a variety of brands that works for all kinds of curls. You better believe there is a product out there for you! Being a curly haired maven, I gave my children their own set of curls and I’m proud to say they embrace and love their texture. Thanks to social media we have opened a doorway to accepting natural hair – and our children couldn’t be any luckier.

Curly Hair Products We’ve Grown To Love;



Cantu Kids

This is definitely one we’ve been using for a long time. This is an amazing deep conditioner that is recommended to be used in fresh clean curls. It’s great for keeping your child’s locks hydrated and shine for days. A great lightweight product with virtually no build up and smells even better than the results it gives! I also recommend styling with their Detangling Spray and Curl Cream for best results!

Shea Moisture Kids 


Warning, this specific Shea Moisture line smells BOMB! Their coconut & hibiscus scent is one of my FAVOURITE smelling products. Great for styling, it’s also not a heavy product and maintains its hold for well over a couple of days. I even sneak some into my routine once in a while. You can purchase some products here.

Mixed Chicks Kids


An awesome choice for a gentile tear-free option when washing and styling! These products work so well together. From the shampoo to the conditioner and styling products you can guarantee a great wash day for your little ones. With their no harsh chemicals policy, they can easily become a household brand.

Curly Q’s

I’m already a huge fan of their brand, Curls, so I knew this would be great. I’ve only tried their Dream Moisturizing Conditioner which smells amazing and works great! We always use a lot of conditioner in our hair care routine so definitely try this one out.


These are just a few favourites I’ve used on my children and ones we’ve vouched for in the past. There are a ton of options to help cater to your child’s hair care needs. Feel free to do some research and share your experiences with everyone, but don’t forget to teach them to love their curls!

Share your favourite hair care products for kids!


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