Natural Health Remedies on Toddlers

Natural Health Remedies to Soothe Toddlers

This time of the year can be troubling for most families with young children. Its cold and flu season, which mean we need to take extra care of our little ones. With two young kids, one is in kindergarten, catching a cold is almost unavoidable. Natural health remedies have been working for centuries. So if you fear your little one is coming down with something take the time to analyze them before treating them.

How Do I Know If My Toddler Is Sick?

If your child is old enough to tell you how they are feeling, this is a good start. If not then don’t fret just take a step back and see if anything is out of the ordinary. Is his mood different? Is she feeling restless? Here are a few things to pay attention to:

Loss Of Appetite

Less active/Feeling Lethargic

Cranky/Mood Swings

Changes in bowel movements (pooping or peeing less/more)

Temperature increase

Flushes Cheeks/Face

If your toddler is showing any of these signs, it may be possible that they could be getting sick.


Best Natural Remedies


REST! – Our children require lots of rest in order to regain the energy they had prior to getting ill. It’s going to take lots of it to fight off any virus your little one has, cozying up in bed or on the couch could be key. When it comes to rest, sleep is the best form of it.

Drinking Plenty Of Fluids – Staying hydrated is so important when it comes to flushing your system. You don’t have to just stick to water, anything healthy and refreshing would do your child just fine. Try some fruit smoothies to brighten things up.

Purify Your Air – At home, I like to diffuse essential oils into the air to help purify the air. When the young ones are sick I like to incorporate Eucalyptus (to help with congestion) and Lavender (to relax and calm) in their humidifier while they sleep. It helps them sleep easier and soundly throughout the night.

Quiet Time – This one is important if you want them to rest properly. Reminding them that when they are ill they need more rest and less play. Keeping the tone down at home will help them not feel like they are missing out on any action while they’re down.

Ginger – A great natural remedy for sore throats, nausea, and reduces inflammation. A ginger tea (cooled down) would do wonders for a cold. It also gives your body a warming effect helping with overall circulation.

Honey – Another great remedy for sore throats and inflammations. Honey is my main go-to for coughs in my home, we use it over any OTC cough syrup. A pediatrician also told me that honey is known to actually reduce inflammation more than any cough syrup. Add the honey to your ginger tea for a natural sweetener.

Natural Baby Rub – For those of you who like to use Vix or Vapor Rubs, let me suggest a natural alternative for you all. Try a DIY baby rub or my favourite The Honest Company Breathe Easy Rub



Love and patience…

It goes without saying if your child symptoms are getting worse contact your physician and educate yourselves on warning signs. The best knowledge is from your doctor and these are just well-known remedies to soothe the discomfort, not cure them.

One thing that definitely helps the MOST is love and attention, so be sure to give your sweetheart some extra affection.

For more great natural remedies, check out this post from Happy Mothering. They talk about much more at home remedies to help aid in fighting the cold and flu.

What are some of your favourite home remedies? Be sure to share this with your loved ones.




  • Kristi McAllister

    I don’t have children, but these are some very good tips. Holistic things are often overlooked in the world of everything-medical, but I’m all for natural alternatives. Had no idea that there was something equivalent but safer than Vick’s! Awesome informative post.

  • Crystal

    Ginger and honey are my two secret weapons. I am also a big proponent for the healing powers of lemons. These are great suggestions and all better alternatives to the poison you find over the counter.

  • Lisa Wingerter @

    Honey is the best thing ever! It helps with my toddler’s sore throat and cough when he is sick. It also seems to knock him out, which is nice because rest is best when sick. I honestly have tried every cold/allergy medicine there is. Benedryl makes my kid crazy. None of the other meds work or help at all. I got desperate and tried honey, and BAM! He was able to stop coughing and get the rest he needed. Best kept secret!

    • nettescrapbook

      It’s actually MAGIC how well honey works with sore throats. My pediatrician told me to stop buying the cough medicine and opt for the honey. I’m so glad it works for your family – try some really nice organic honey if you can! Store it away for those days you need it, or if you want a sweet treat!

  • Jewish Chick

    I am such a strong believer in a restful body being a healthy body! So many toddlers and young kids don’t get enough sleep and I think this greatly contributes to a lower immune system resulting in more colds/viruses.

  • Amila

    yes,love,quiet time,enough rest and better sleep are natural and healing methods for toddlers.They need lots of attention and lots of love.I always have experience with my kid that he does many things to attract my attention…

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