The Best Bedtime Routine For Toddlers

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Why a bedtime routine is important…

So why is a bedtime routine important? I’m sure most parents can agree that when bedtime rolls around our children tend to use that hidden jolt of energy they had kept all day until now! This is when the fairytale bedtime you always see on television becomes a myth, and now you have to buckle down and handle this situation like a pro!

If there were a few things about parenting I could definitely take pride in is my success in my children’s bedtime routine. It’s hassle-free (most days) and its something we can always rely on to unwind, spend time together and get a good nights rest.

It is recommended that toddlers between the ages of 3-6 get an average of 10-12 hours of sleep per night. Cause let’s be real here, getting through a full day as a kid is tougher than it looks!



So here are a few tips on how to develop good bedtime routine in children,


Disconnect from Technology – This first one is super important as we live in a time where we are consumed by technology and pretty much use it in our everyday lives. Children are adapting to it as well and we have to be aware of their self-care. In our home, we turn off all technology 1.5 – 2 hours before bedtime to help disconnect and relax. This really helps children’s minds calm down and relax before bedtime, helping us avoiding those screams and tears!

Cleanup Together – Organizing and tidying up helps boost our mood and helps better prepare us for the next day. Getting everything done the night before aids in an easier morning and peaceful nights.

Play Calm/Relaxing Music – Parents will enjoy this while cleaning up. It puts us in a great mood and also helps us calm down before we sleep. Personally, I recommend classical, nature sounds, or spa music for great audio therapy.

Take a Warm Bath/Shower – This is one of the most important and fun steps. It gives us quality time to spend together mixed with laughs and thoughts. Warm showers are proven to help relax muscles and destress the mind, perfect for bedtime. Check out the kids’ bath routine here.

Read a book/Story Time – No better way to send your little one to dreamland other than with a great book. Try sticking with something happy, relaxing, or educational. Your brain retains a ton of information before bed!

White Noise –  This is a preference, its a belief that it aids in focusing on sleeping. A staple in my children’s bedtime routine, I also think it helps them get to be quicker!


Create a routine that works for you and your family. Consistency, patience, and love will help you ease into the practice.




*Based our own trials, errors, and everything I’ve learned through personal research. What works for us may not be what works for your family, I do highly suggest to keep trying your own methods as well. *Affiliate links are included in this blog*


  • Jennifer

    These are some helpful tips. We have struggled with bedtime but once we set up a steadfast routine things have gone much better. We kept the routine when we traveled this past weekend and my little one didn’t have any issues. Books and music after bath are part of our routine as well. I wish I had incorporated clean up time.

    • nettescrapbook

      Hey Jennifer! I’m glad you have a sustainable routine where you’re able to apply it when on vacation. It worked for us as well when we traveled to Cuba. tidy up time can always be implemented – I think we can all say we rest easier when the place is clean 😉

  • Beola Lawal

    These are all amazing tips, I surely had to get into bedtime routine with my son, it eventually made it easier for both of us. Thanks for sharing your ideas, I do value them.

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