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Silky Straight with Art Naturals Argan Oil Line

Ever since I committed to going full force with curly hair care routine I’ve realized that when I did choose to straighten my hair I never used anything that properly hydrated it before the damage. Let alone a half decent heat protectant, either way, I would end up settling for a crappy one that doesn’t do justice or anything at all… burn baby burn…

Last summer I was contacted by Art Naturals to try out a few products from their Argan Oil Line, of course, I couldn’t wait to work with them to see how my curls would like their formula.

What I love about this brand is that they truly dedicate their time and care to where they source their ingredients from and how purely natural it is. They all derive from natural plants and are carefully picked and cured to perfection for the best results.

They had sent me their Shampoo, Conditioner, and Thermal Shield Spray.


In order for me to really test the waters on this product, I had to start with a full wash day on my curls using the Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. My very first impression when I opened the cap and poured the formula into my hand was “this smells amazing!” The scent was so organic and smelled like a bottle filled with the best essential oils… talk about major hair therapy! The conditioner is creamy and had a great amount of slip to easily detangle my curls in the shower. With no sulfates, parabens, perfumes, or alcohol these two are a killer combo.

When I got out of the shower was time for the true test, the thermal shield. All I could ask myself was “is this really going to protect my curls?”. Even though I was scared of damaging my curls I went ahead and gave it a shot. Applying a generous amount to each section, I made sure to comb the product through my hair before blow drying it. Once my hair was all blow dried, I went in with my flat iron to seal and smoothen out for a sleek and shiny look.

Art Naturals has easily won over a top spot in my current favourite hair products! Be sure to check out Art Naturals Website for more information on all of their products.






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