What Does Mom Do After Hours?

My days are spent taking care of my two little ones, which never fails to be filled with learning, laughter, tears, fun and adventures. I am overly grateful to be spending these precious moments with them and I wouldn’t look back change the decision to stay at home. There is however, a moment of the day that I secretly look forward to, its normally after a goodnight kiss and a trip to dreamland.

I like to say that I am extremely productive at this time of night by doing my laundry, cleaning up, and preparing for the day ahead of us but the truth is I gotta take time for myself (as should everyone) so I have some rituals to share that I love do almost every night.


TV Binge. I’m pretty sure we’re all guilty of this but since I don’t have as much idle time as I used to, I’m spending a lot of nights watching marathons of episodes I’ve been trying to catch up on. Of course while still being semi-productive by folding my laundry or wrapping christmas gifts.

Care For My Hair. This could simply mean giving it a treatment or learning and practicing protective styling, since I never was a really creative braider, I thought it was time to pick up another skill.

Practice Yoga. Still going semi-strong. Trying to fit it in as much as possible so if I don’t have a mountain of laundry or chores, I’m trying out a new pose taught by Yoga With Adrienne on YouTube.

Surf The Net. Although I am online throughout the day its not the time for me to be spending countless minutes reading articles that interest me, and taking time to respond to all my emails. Which is best saved for after hours.

Live Through Music. Music is my sanctuary, its been my rock throughout all the rough patches growing up and I always need time to reconcile with it. Its changing every second and developing new forms of being expressed, I love finding new ones that help and relate to me.

Plan For The Next Day. Now this is something I need to spend more time doing because its super effective with helping me stay on track throughout the day with my children. Beneficial and something I need to get more used to.

Relax. This to me means literally laying down and doing absolutely nothing, possibly on my phone or reading a book but actually doing nothing. Time to be in the present and reflect or meditate.. its cleansing for my system and gives me time to organize my thoughts.


Let me know what you love to do when you have time to yourself.


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