Learning Not To Swear Around My Children 

Let’s just start by saying I’m not a saint. From time to time I get struck with so much frustration that I tend to have a slip up, or I get so extremely excited that I tend to use those words we fear to hear our young ones repeat. I’m not exactly sure what it is that causes it, could it have to do with me being young? Or is it just something thats slipped its way  into my routine while growing up? Regardless its something I definitely have to work on.

A little while back I was having a normal day with my kids while cleaning up, making them food, teaching them new things I hear my son drop something he was playing with on the floor. Ever so casually I hear his tiny voice say “oh shit” which is definitely what I was thinking in that moment. Suddenly it dawned on me,  “Ive been letting these words slip out in front of my kids without even realizing” and then I started thinking about how much I didn’t want my children to turn out to be like the ones I fear (those screaming, disrespectful, cursing ones you see at the grocery store). I had to start being more conscious about the way I speak around my children and be sure to remind those around us as well. I then explained to my son that “thats not a nice word and I will stop using it as well”… or at least I will do my best.

During these past few weeks I’ve gotten a heck of a lot better with it, although I am not a total potty mouth, I definitely still have some work to do and more so when I have company over. My biggest weakness is laughing when I hear my son repeat it because, I gotta say its pretty hilarious how honest he is about the way he feels. Keeping in mind that I have an even younger daughter who loves to prance around doing what her older brother does, so imagine how I worry about this.


With that being said, I’ve made a drastic change when it comes to my language and being conscious about it all. This is just a small example of what kind of moments I’m in store for in the future, super proud to be seeing them grow regardless!


Anyway hope you enjoyed a bit of a different post, have a great weekend everyone!



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