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7 Tips For Healthy Curly Hair

All of us have issues with getting and maintaining healthy hair, as a curly head who’s newly discovering her curls I can understand the struggle of finding what works best for us. So I’ve decided to share some well known and personal tips on keeping my curly hair healthy and hopefully this can be applied to many of you looking for some information.


Drop the Sulfates & Silicones

Sulfates give our hair a squeaky clean feeling after washing with a shampoo which has most of us thinking that this is a good thing but what its actually doing is stripping your scalp of all its natural oils causing your hair to over produce more in order to make up for whats been lost, resulting in greasy looking hair. Try a gentile cleanser weekly.

Silicones aren’t all bad but the problem with most of them lies with it not being water soluble laughing build up that can weight your curls down making it unable to show its true texture.

Its best to get to know your “cones”

Silicones end in “cone,” “col,” “conol” or “zane” so keep your eye out if you’re trying to follow the Curly Girl Method and cutting them out completely.


Start Co-Washing

Ever since I’ve cut out Sulfates and Shampoo’s I have taken up on co-washing as an alternative in between cleansing. This is a moisturizing alternative to what I used to be using, while it gently cleanses my hair and keep it soft and hydrated. One of the best things I could have added to my hair care. (Need a good example of a co-wash? Click here to read my Eden Coconut Cowash Review)


Minimize/Eliminate Heat

This has made a MAJOR difference in my hairs appearance, I was an avid user of heat styling tools which caused my hair to break and dry out leaving me with a never ending tress of split ends and started altering my curl pattern. I’ve only used head about 3 times and I used it very lightly, my hair is bouncier, full of life, and much more hydrated!

Aromatic oils

Weekly Oil Treatments/Deep Conditioners

I cannot begin to tell you how important this is for your hair, it reaps benefits and helps bring your hair moisture and shine. I either deep condition or do my own oil mixture treatments to help heal and repair my recovering hair. This is literally like weekly therapy for your hair and scalp it’s made an entire difference with growth, texture, and shine. They don’t lie when they said your hair will thank you.

Protective Styles

While I am no master in protective styles I do believe in giving your curls a break. Its not realistic to be washing and styling our hair everyday especially if you’re living in cooler or drier areas. Every once in a while I do my hair in a braid or up do to rest my hair from being hassled with, on these days I usually take advantage of my oils and put them in my hair before a protective style, it gets both the treatment and the hair break at the same time.

Keep Hair Up At Night

I am terrible for this one so I am going to ask that you do not follow me. Please keep your curls up, its incredible the difference it makes when you pull your hair into a pineapple to reserve your curls, otherwise they become stressed and frizzy through your nights sleep. Trust me it makes a world of a difference.


Sleep On Satin

One of the best ways to keep those curls frizz free and happy is to invest in some satin pillowcases. These are so smooth and gentile that it doesn’t catch your hair strands or pull them while you toss and turn throughout the night. Investing in one myself and will have a review up once I get it done. Check out some you tubers or other bloggers for information on satin pillow cases for curly hair.

Simple yet so satisfying! Let me know if any of these are working for you and what you also would add to your healthy hair regimen.




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