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Top 5 Reasons To Love Coconut Oil 


Somewhere within these past six months I’ve somehow adopted a new healthy addiction to coconut oil. It mainly started when I got my hair cut earlier this year whole looking into healthier ways to take care of my curly tresses, already being pretty aware of how great coconut oil is, I never actually incorporated it into my everyday lifestyle. Its a craze in the beauty community and I pretty much can’t imagine living without it I’ve replaced a ton of moisturizers, hair products, and makeup cleansers for it. There is not a day I regret doing so!

Coconut oil is extracted from the inside of the coconut ones its “meat” has matured, its filled with anti-bacterial and anti-viral components. Which helps to boost your immune system and has been heard to help fight certain diseases. Over more recent years the amount of benefits that can come from using coconut oil has become near to endless, you’ll fall in love with it.

None the less here are my top 5 uses and reasons to love coconut oil

1. Skin Care

A common irritation my family suffers from is eczema, which can be really uncomfortable and hard to deal with. With the amount of fatty acids that this oil contains, after applied to the skin it moisturizes and creates a barrier sealing in the moisture better than most of my over the counter products I’ve bought before. Coconut oil is hands down proven to improve the look of your skin by repairing its elasticity while keeping it soft to the touch. For all my mothers and soon-to-be I STRONGLY suggest you use this on areas where you are prone to stretch marks, its helped the appearance of mine and I also used 100% coco butter during my two pregnancies and I have zero stretch marks on my stomach, only on my rear end! With the cold months coming ahead this is also going to be my number one face moisturizer.

2. Beauty

The amount of beauty hacks that coconut oil provides of us beauty bloggers is endless! At first I was going to write every single way I incorporate coconut oil into my beauty regimen but I decided on making a post dedicated to all my coconut beauty hacks! So to keep this simple but still give you the same idea.. I use this as an alternative to my makeup remover (its cost efficient, natural, and literally takes little to nothing to remove my makeup), lip balm/chapstick (checkout my lip scrub recipe here), highlighter (for a natural dewey look), and I never fail to apply it to my face under my primer for an added layer of moisture.

3. Hair Care

My favourite topic when it comes to this magic liquid gold, I have to admit that coconut oil is one of the most important aid to achieving my healthy long curly hair. It’s amazing for deep conditioning, conditioning, styling, treating, cleaning, detangling, and even as an alternative to hair products completely (if you’re hair type works like that). Ever since adding this ingredient to my hair recipe I’ve already been a witness to its ability to hydrate my ends, and add extra shine to my spirals.  Fortunately for me my hair drinks this right up and benefits from it in every way possible.

4. Baby Care

More recently I’ve been adding coconut oil to my babies bath/bedtime routine, and I couldn’t imagine that their super soft skin could even become anymore delicate and smooth. Right after they have finishes their baths I rub coconut oil onto their freshly cleaned skin before getting them dressed. My son has curlier hair than my daughter so I add coconut oil to his hair as well then getting ready for bed, it leaves his hair super hydrated and shine without any added buildup (who doesn’t love not having problems with buildup). One of my most favourite diaper rash cream alternative because its so beneficial to dry irritated skin with the plus of its anti-bacterial agents, it does just as good of a job as any leading baby brand.

5. Health

Aside from being a great substitute to butter and other fats, as I keep mentioning its anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents can help ward off infections and even act as healing agents. It’s known to boost your immune system and give you more energy when added to some meals or shakes. One of the pros that stood out to me was its benefits to dental health, swooshing two table spoons of coconut oil in your mouth can reduce the risk of oral disease and even cause teeth whitening (best when used with baking soda).

If you haven’t already fallen in love with my top 5 reasons to love coconut oil and need a bit more convincing check out one of my favourite sites Wellness Mama (101 Uses for Coconut Oil). I can’t wait to discover and incorporate more uses to my daily living, also anyone wondering which brand I use and were I order it from, I get Spectrum Coconut Oil, Organic Refined. You can also order it yourself of amazon if you click here.


I hope everyone is having a great weekend and preparing themselves for falls beautiful colour change!



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