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Current Bath Routine For My Little Ones; Live Clean Baby REVIEW


We all know how important a good routine is for your little ones, for me the most important time of the day is bath time. It helps unwind and relax my young ones and ready them for bed, more importantly, is what I use during this period. What pulls my whole routine together is what I use for their hygiene routine, starting from the bath, right up to putting on pajamas. It’s essential to make sure that I am giving them the best out of their skincare routine, I’d love for them to pick up on good habits while growing up, not to mention great skin.

So currently for bath time I have let go of Aveeno Baby Wash, I had been fixed on this brand ever since my son was born, it was a better option at the time considering Johnson and Johnson weren’t reacting well to his skin causing a rash to appear on his chest and back. More recently replacing Aveeno for the past few months is Live Clean (baby) tearless shampoo and wash. I am always super hesitant to try new products on my children (don’t ask me why I just do) but for some reason the price of L.C $10.96 for a 750mL bottle compared to Aveenos near $14 for a 236mL bottle, to me this sounded more like a steal. How did I not see this difference before? Clearly, I was blinded by brand influence.



Live Clean Baby is an eco-friendly line of baby products. With their dedication to using natural, plant-based formulas with organic botanicals that are safe for your baby and even safe for the planet! Even the packaging is made with 98% Plant Ingredients.

  • Petroleum Free
  • SLS / Sulfate Free
  • Paraben & Phthalate Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Tear Free
  • Paediatrician Approved

It’s been proven to be gentle enough for my babies sensitive skin and I don’t have one negative review to write on it. I do recommend it to any new or existing mothers, especially ones who are fixed on certain brands but would like to try something different. We won’t be looking back at our old brand again!


After bath time I have newly been using coconut oil on their skin as a moisturizer and its been working wonders keeping it soft, smooth and hydrated. Not long before I was using (and still have sitting on the dresser) Aveeno Baby Cream on their skin and it worked really well, just a little high on the price scale. Again Live Clean Baby had a better price for a better amount when it came to their lotions compared to Aveeno. Although I will be keeping the remainder of the product I have left, I knowingly won’t be buying it again and if needed I will definitely be putting LC into my basket.

I forgot to add that I use the body wash on their hair as well, and if I ever feel the need to use a different method to cleanse their hair I would use my Eden CoWash (read my review on it here !).


Super impressed with this brand and the small changes I’ve been making towards a more natural lifestyle that also helps better my budget. I hope this gave some of you a great tip, I’d love to hear what you use and some good alternatives



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