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Review!!: EDEN All Natural Coconut CoWash (Current Cleanser)


As you all know about five months ago I made a vow to remove shampoo from my hygiene routine. The first few weeks of transitioning to no-poo was a dirty one, my hair wasn’t used to it and I was having a hard time waiting through the transitioning process for my hair to adjust to my new regimen. I will admit to you I had relapsed on using my old shampoo after a week and a half back when I first started, with a bit of a push I just got rid of it cold turkey out of my bathroom shelf and into the garbage (total waste, but I had no other choice). After I finally settled into being poo-free I started looking into proper cleansers that I could start using.

Stumbling across a few reviews of Eden’s All Natural Coconut CoWash I decided to order it off (check my previous review here) and give it a try for myself. Its creamy texture and amazing coconut scent captured my affection immediately, when applying it to my scalp I use the tips of my fingers to scrub all the buildup out of my hair. This product doesn’t produce suds and lather like normal shampoos as it doesn’t have the added ingredients and chemicals that make them. It does an amazing job getting rid of added build up from products that I use on a daily basis, and leaves my hair feeling clean and super soft after use.




Anyone interested in trying this as a cleanser I recommend it based on my hair type, typically costs me around $9 not including shipping. I don’t use heavy based products, and I normally keep a consistent schedule when I clean my hair so this does a great job on my weekly cleansing. What are your favourite cleansers? I’d love to hear your suggestions!



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