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My Current Everyday "Go – To" Makeup


I’ll start by being honest and say that I don’t wear makeup everyday. Most days I don’t go much further than the park across my street still not even applying makeup. Bare face is my number one go-to, mostly due to my time restriction (I don’t feel the need or want to wear it daily). The most I get in on an ordinary day is a winged liner, then I cheat by putting my glasses right on.

It took me years after starting to wear makeup to really become comfortable with my natural “bare face” again. I’ve tried tons of different types of makeup and brands over the years, that I would say I have mediocre knowledge when it comes to buying and applying the products. Throughout some time I’ve found my self fluctuating between new and old favourites which I use until this day, and am ALWAYS willing to try something new if its within my budget and affordable!

To get started I’d like to mention that I own TONS of makeup, from liners, shadow pallets, bronzers, concealers, blushes, foundations, and brushes. I just don’t use them often, let alone at all on most days. There are those few that do seem to always make it to my everyday or casual routine. 

That being said, I am presenting to you my current basic beauty essentials (NOT including foundation, Ill save this for a Get Ready With Me post in the future):


Rimmel London – Stay Matte Primer [$6 Walmart]

This is my current primer that I am using at the moment. Although this is the first time its ever been added to my makeup collection, it’s actually stolen the show from most of my other drugstore bought primers. In the past I’ve been victim to primers that don’t properly hydrate my skin causing my makeup to stay on for less than half the amount of time, becoming dry which leave my skin prone to break outs. It’s feels weightless and leaves my complexion matted and ready for makeup use, it’s even perfect as a moisturizer alone. My biggest pro for this one is that its super hydrating and better improves my skin while lasting up to 8 hours. All around this is a GREAT primer and costs about $6 at Walmart!


Physicians Formula – Sexy Booster Black – Trio Set [$6.50 Shoppers Drug Mart]

I am in love with the Physicians Formula brand all of their products are amazing, a little high in my price bracket, and last me near to forever. While on most days that I get to do my simple everyday makeup look I don’t bother to put this on, but those days where I want to feel a slight bit more sexy and add a bit more drama to my eyes I add this to my waterlines. The crayon transfers effortlessly onto my skin remaining bold, this is a MASSIVE plus for me considering that my eyes get sensitive with too much rubbing or messing around with it. My favourite black pencil liner to this day!


Kat Von D – Liquid Waterproof Tattoo Liner Trooper [$30 Sephora]

Before you say anything I am going to state that this is an expensive pen liner. I don’t recommend it to anyone trying to stay on a budget or shopping for makeup thats cheap with great quality. I will admit that this is a great liner. Normally I am used to the felt tip liners from my local drugstore but I decided to treat myself one day to something over my price range, loving to try and review new products, and this is definitely my number one hit for waterproof liners its super long lasting and stays on my face through rain, snow, tears, and sleep. The precision pen is also great for changing up your liner style from thick bold lines to thin sleek wings. Great product, but I probably won’t be buying this again for a while once it runs out!


Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Wiz Granite [$30 Sephora]

There are no brows that Anastasia can’t fix! This again is a pricey product and like I stated there are probably better priced ones, but as soon as I tried this for the first time I have fallen so deep in love that I don’t think I want to let go and try something new for a while. This has definitely made a staple in my makeup closet, the fine crayon and brush makes it easy to gross your brows and draw them in so precisely. To all my ladies who are looking for a brow pencil and are willing to pay the price. THIS IS MY GO TO ALL THE TIME.


Maybelline New York – Mega Plush Volume Express [$3.50 Rexall SALE]

A little over a month ago I purchased this mascara, in the hurry that I was, I didn’t realize that it wasn’t the one I normally get. Regardless I still chose to use it. Now this is a good mascara but its something I am still not used to. Loving the flexibility of the bendy brush and the way the mascara costa my lashes, its not clumpy, and best of all waterproof. My issues with it are that the flexible stick is a bit too flexible for me (since I’m not used to such a bendable stick I tend to make a bit of a mess on my lids), this isn’t the best mascara to get those thick and full lashes. I still use this mascara but I can’t wait until I run out so I can go back to my old mascara!


Bare Minerals – Bronzer warmth [$35 Sephora Set]

For all of the bare faced beauties, Bare Minerals is one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE brands. I use their warmth bronzer on an everyday look, it gives my skin this sun kissed glow that I love in every season. I lights apply it to my contour areas to add colour and definition to my face. A little goes a long way with this product line and I heavily suggest anyone with normal to problematic skin to try them, its so gentile on every skin type and helps improve the look of your face over time. Who wouldn’t love that?


ColourPop Cosmetics – Highlighter Super Shock Cheek

Last but most definitely not least is my all time favourite highlighter from ColourPop Cosmetics, this literally makes me feel like I am a glittery glowing princess, super shock cheek is one of my favourite highlighters that I have been addicted to since day one of applying it. I got this as a gift from CPC in my last big order of lippies (don’t get me started on their lipsticks). I have to keep this simple and sweet by saying this is a must have in every girls makeup bag, and if you don’t wear highlighter. Your mind will change upon application. The weekend is nearing, hope you all have amazing plans!

-With Love,



      • mybeautyconfessional

        I’ve got a few colourpop shadows & lipsticks that are a bit ‘meh’ so I’m hesitant to buy anything else but the pigmentation of those highlighters 👌🏼 it’s insane ! Plus the shipping cost to here is ridiculous !Things are definitely a lot cheaper for you haha.

          • mybeautyconfessional

            Do you have Inglot in America? Their shadows are so pigmented and are affordable here ! I love Wet n Wild from the U.S. too – so impressive for the price! It’s a struggle for me to recommend anything because I don’t know what’s available there too well! But try Makeup Geek if you haven’t already – I prefer them a billion times over CP xo

  • aworldadventure

    For the most amazing under eye concealer: benefit’s erase paste. The stuff is gold. Pure gold. For a blush/highlighter: temptu s/b highlighter in champagne shimmer. I only have a tiny sample from this I recieved a while back so I’ve used sparingly and I have been refraining from buying the full size of it but it’s the only “blush” I like wearing. It’s just plain awesome. For a cheap highlighter: hard candys sheer glow is pretty good and a huge tube of its only $8. Mascara: maybelline’s lash sensational i’m quite fond of. I’ll definitely be checking out that highlighter you posted. Not sure if you’ve heard of boxycharm but it’s a monthly subscription I just joined. It’s $21 a month and you get 4-5 full size higher end beauty products! Worth checking out for sure!

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