Series of Events.. My Two Weeks in Jamaica.

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve been keeping up with my blogging considering how much I preached about writing while I was on vacation for two weeks in Jamaica. My expectations were pretty high with how I wanted this whole thing to turn out, imagining me writing something every few days, taking many beautiful pictures, while soaking up some serious vitamin D. On the other hand it was quite the opposite..

Arriving at the hotel with 10 family members (5 adults/ 5 Children) all of our luggage was unloaded and left in the front of the hotel with no one to assist us with carrying it in considering 3 of the children were two and under. After waiting about 20 minutes we finally had someone come and help us while we checked in only to find out that the luxury stay we paid for wasn’t in their system, meaning we didn’t get what we paid for through the travel agent, so we had to downgrade into another room or pay an extra amount for the luxury stay.. we downgraded. The worst part about it was now we didn’t have access to room service at all, so we didn’t have access to get hot milk at any time for the babies, and to our luck we had to hustle our way into asking for boxes from staff who only gave us the cold shoulder 80% of the time.

Around the third day we were heading to Dunn’s River Falls, extremely hot on this day may I add, before we even arrived there we were waiting in our hotel lobby for around an hour because our seating arrangements in the car wasn’t properly discussed. Finally after reaching the attraction a few of my family members, my children, and I were left outside to wait while a few of them could go and exchange their money for Jamaican. About another hour and a half later they arrive back with only an hour and twenty minutes remaining at the Falls they decided to take us to another location that was free to visit but it involved a lot of climbing down slippery wet rocks which made it impossible to bring the children down. I was in distress thinking “if it’s not one thing it’s another” shortly after realizing the difficulty level was about 5/5 we decided to end the day and head home with cranky teary babies, all the mothers were on another level of annoyance.

The following day we decided to head back to Dunn’s River Falls with a much better start to the day than the previous. Getting there in an efficient time manner we get all the way to the steps that lead you to the beautiful falls and beach realizing that there is no stroller ramp, about 100 steps, and no one to assist you on the way. As we struggled to make it down with all our bags and children I added another strike on my mental list of unfortunate events. We did eventually make it down there and have as much fun as possible swimming in the Sea and playing in the sand I didn’t climb the falls though, the water was far to cool for my little ones. As we started leaving believe it was another mission up those stairs all the way to the car breaking as much sweat as a boxing fighter mid training, this day was definitely going to be memorable.

For the rest of the day the weather was scorching hot making it impossible to keep my two little ones outside preventing over heating and serious sunburns. I stayed in the hotel room a lot watching Netflix movies with my cousin and cuddling with my babies while finding some time to swim in between the daily blazes. The food on the Resort was mediocre same food repeated weekly, reserved restaurants that were up to par standards, and gift shops that were over priced on certain items, but I fully expected that being they are on the resort and I am from another country.

What I did enjoy was going into Ocho Rios and hitting up the market (which had its massive down falls from the amount of heat and stress that was added to us) buying amazing artifacts, looking at all the beautiful nature as we drove there, then really seeing Jamaica for its worth. People are so ambitious there, they have such a drive to sell their goods to support their families. It showed me how grateful I really am for the way I was raised and how I live now. People definitely have their own story they are writing, and we got to understand before we judge one another.

Bringing this to a close.. I definitely want to visit this wonderful island again, just in a completely different way. My trip rating is about 4.5 out of 10 only because I am rating my enjoyment, accommodation, and stress level, now if I were to rate the country on its beauty I would give it a hands down 10. The culture is very beautiful as well as its exterior.

A few of the only photos I got to take during the whole trip:

DSC_0753 DSC_0779 DSC_0754 DSC_0785 DSC_0791 DSC_0782 DSC_0781

With Love,



There was a lot more to this story but I generally summed up the important parts of it, and the ones I am most comfortable with telling. Sorry for the absence and delay, I am actually feeling less stressed being back and more like myself, I have full intentions on getting back into my writing.


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