Happy Sunday – Two Days Before Jamaica


Hey everyone!

Its nearing the end of the weekend, which means most people are getting in the last bit of things they need to get done before their work week recycles. It’s been quite a hectic week for me which has kept me away from writing any blog posts, truthfully its one of those times when things are very overwhelming and I can’t seem so sit down to complete a it. Whats been keeping me so busy? This Tuesday I will be going on a two week trip to Jamaica (did I forget to mention that?) with some family members but from my household it will only be me traveling with my two precious ones, can’t say I’m not as nervous as I am excited.

To begin my packing process I had to write down a list I would need consisting everything the three of us would need for 14 days in a tropical country. I had no idea of what to pack because too many things were racing through my mind, so I decided to so some research and look into some mom bloggers who’ve been on similar excursions hoping to aid my panicking mind. I came across this blog: The Mother Of All Packing Lists . I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this one to any mother out there -whether you’re traveling with one or more children. Reading through the list I rewrote on a piece of paper the things I would need and I exempted the others, mind you there wasn’t much I left behind I added a few more if anything.

Did you take a look at that list? Its huge..  thats what has been keeping me so occupied this past few weeks. I definitely still have a few more things to pack, but over all the clothing is all sorted. Two weeks worth of packing clothing for a toddler and one year old is a pretty tough task to complete, let alone packing as a young woman!

We will be staying at the Grand Bahia Principe Runaway Bay Resort in Jamaica, I can’t even explain how excited I am becoming. This whole trip has been surreal until now since I’ve been so preoccupied with packing and everything else around me, looking forward to putting my feet in that ocean salt water and taking in a deep breath of fresh Caribbean air.

Forewarning, I will be posting multiple times a week keeping everyone updated with my daily journeys, and beautiful photos. My Instagram will be on CONSTANT upload of my trip so if you’re not following me already and want to keep in touch you can follow me from my main page, or just search for @Nettescrapbook.

Here are a few photos of my packing process:







Can’t wait to explore with you all.




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