24 Hour Escape to Georgian Bay

Saturday night at 11pm just coming through the doors into my house, rushing to get a bag ready for a three hour drive down to Calring, Ontario. Scrambling to make sure I had everything I needed for everyone, within about 45 minutes we were out on the highway heading to my friends cottage, I consider myself lucky to have her, never been there before but all I knew was we has a solid 24 hours and we were going to take it. The drive was long and dark making it impossible to see the beautiful scenery let alone the road itself, after the three hours of driving through the Trans Canada Highway, and through the side roads we made it at the nick of 2:30 am! Talk about timing, with daylight nearing we get settled in and headed to bed. Mind you we did NOT have a comfortable sleep, trying to get my two young ones to get comfortable in less than an hour in a new space was difficult.

The day started bright and early, we got up and the sun it the lake from right outside of our bedroom. Her family cottage was right up to the lake, with the most beautiful site I have seen when the sun rose, kissing the lake with its rays. I was too in the moment to take any pictures of it, but I did take some of out by the water and when I was on the boat. Being so forgetful about blogging when I am in the bliss of the moment. I never got to document the marina, the house, the motorbikes, or kayaking. Truthfully, I’m still getting used to documenting these beautiful moments I’ve been having lately. This experience was the most relaxing 24 hours I have had for more than I can recall, it was short lived but I cherish every second I got.

Keeping this post short, I want to share some photos I took with you all hoping to spread a little bit of serenity into your day.

Take some time away from social media and that constant buzz we can’t seem to steer from.

IMG_3376  IMG_3375

IMG_3361  IMG_3371

IMG_3360  IMG_3359

IMG_3357  IMG_3353

IMG_3352  IMG_3355


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