A Visit to Hewick Park

It’s been two days since I’ve actually been outside, I wanted all of us to go and enjoy some nature, so the whole family got ready after breakfast and headed out to Hewick Park. The drive is only about seven minutes from my place but its definitely a beautiful site. Being able to embrace the sounds of other creatures around me, taking in the view of all the vibrant greens from the leaves, and listening to the river rush by as I watch it from the path is definitely a better take then inside my regular walls.

We’ve been to this place before but had never decided to take a look down the trail, in total we walked about 2km which took about 30 minutes there and another 30 back. I had my prince walking up and about exploring all the things around him while my princess was enjoying the view from their double stroller, we were lucky enough to have these two beautiful monarch butterflies fly around us. They actually lead us down the path for about ten minutes then disappeared, we encountered the credit river a quarter way in and took the path right up to the residential area. On our way back we met up with our friendly mates who fluttered with us back towards the car.

I must say that hands down that was a great moment. I intend to have more. Even if I have to force them my way. ^_^

Here are a few snaps I got during the walk. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good photo of the butterflies since I was using my iPhone 6, I’ll be sure to take the Nikon with me next time.



(we came across this tree that has fallen, we’re assuming its from a storm^)


Photos of the Credit River

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