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Hello again!

I’d like to take some time tonight to share my favourite products that I use during my night time routine (whenever I can actually get to it). Your skin is the biggest organ in your body making it super important to make sure you’re taking care of it, the better you are the more your skin will thank you by looking its best. While I may not recommend my routine to everyone since we all have our own skin types, this is just what is working best for me and I am always looking to try new and better things. So expect some consistent changes in my routines every few months!

Normally at some point and time in the late evening after I am done with my day and I no longer have to wear makeup or worry about sweating from being outside, I wash cleanse my face and moisturize it before going to bed. This has my skin feeling amazingly soft and blackhead-less in the morning, saving me a lot of time since I have much to wake up to! Here’s the two I’m using right now:


St. Ives Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub 

Neutrogena Fresh Firming Cleaner (also a makeup remover)

The green tea scrub from St. Ives is definitely my favourite blackhead remover at the moment. I use it only in the areas needed such as on and around my nose, and above my chin which is where I get them the most. Its always best to use these types of cleaners only in those areas in case it causes dry spots, such as for my cheeks since they are more sensitive.

The smaller amounts used means the longer it lasts! Woo.

Neutrogena’s Fresh Firming Cleaner which is my prime makeup removing face wash is super gentle on my skin, using it all over either when I’m taking my makeup off or just cleansing my face. The best part is how moisturized my skin feels after…

So now for my moisturizer in the current summer weather is the baby Aveeno I’ve been using on my babies bodies after they bath, only because I haven’t thought about buying one since it works so well with me. Totally a money saver too now that I think about it but I’ll probably end up finding one worthy enough to try out!

How do ready your skin for bed?



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